Flat Trackers vol. 1

September 04 2023 – Sanjay Ghataode

Flat Trackers vol. 1
Flat Trackers vol. 1

With its roots dating back over a hundred years, Flat Track racing is considered the oldest, longest-running and most tradtional motorcycle racing there is.

Ascot played a pivotal part in the history of Flat Track racing. Many riders considered it the measuring stick for the rest of the country. Some say you couldn’t call yourself a true champion until you won at Ascot.

This photo diary is from the early days of Ascot, when riders muscled the fastest bikes they could find around the tacky clay oval. At that time there was not a more dangerous profession in America, all in pursuit of a trophy and a few bucks. You couldn’t simply get the parts and equipment you needed off the shelf. Every rider and tuner created their own specialties but were are all lucky enough to call themselves part of the “Danger Gang”.


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