David Kulaga
August 09 2015

Rex Beauchamp Raced with that group, a very close friend who raced with Twin “K” Sports Center & K&W cycles in Detroit Metro . He won the San Jose in 75 &76 .He will always be in the Hall of Fame, and in our hearts .

July 31 2015

My favorite was Ted Body..Norm McDonalds son-in-law..Great family but Ted was taken way too soon.

Patrick Peal
July 28 2015

It’s hard to explain Ascot to someone that never had the opportunity to experience a National Flat Track Race. Growing up in Gardena, Ascot was a part of your life, a part of who you were. If I sit back and close my eyes so many memories come back. I can hear Rocky Rockwood over the PA system, I can see the orange and white water truck, the palm trees, ducks, Electric St. and the cemetary filling up with cars, the TT jump, the Lucas and Ascot signs down the back straight, and then you start to hear them, one, two, three and pretty soon the air was filled with the greatest noise I can think of, Triumph, BSA, Norton, Harley, a couple Indians. Soon the air was filling with the exhaust from these big 4 strokers. Then the riders would start lining up and I would head for turn 1, and then you would hear Rocky again, “Ok folks, here we go!”, and Ascot Park would erupt, 8, 12, 16, riders, full throttle aiming to be the first into Turn 1, and more important the first outta Turn 2, throwing their bikes sideways and sliding on their steel shoes, the back tire spinning so fast, their pitching dirt clods at us, what a rush, it excited all the senses at the same time. And then you would cheer your rider on, Sammy Tanner, Mert Lawill, Gene Romero, Jay Springsteen, Kenny Roberts, Gary Scott, Aldena, Tommy Rockwood, our local boy, Nixon, Hocking, Poovey, Bubba, Chris Carr, Scotty Parker and so many more. It’s hard to explain, but something I will never forget. When Ascot closed it was like you lost a close friend, one you would miss for a long time.

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