Diane Bubbles Ferro
July 23 2015

This is a great addition to all of the other things you all are doing with the relaunching of the Ascot brand. Great work Ascotmotorsports team!

lippy altuna
July 23 2015

That David Aldana character was way ahead of his time ….In many, many ways. Not only In his colorful display of leathers, but win or crash riding style. (And ….He passed ALL of the drug tests the AMA threw at him) If you look close at the last post of Aldana flying over the Peoria jump. Aldana is doing a “reverse scrub” before the m/x’ers came up the term “Scrub”. He still rides Vintage dirt track and vintage M/X……….What an ambassador of the sport.
It’s Mine and possibly many others opinion……..Lippy

July 23 2015

Awesome! Great photos!

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