Flat Trackers vol. 2

Posted on July 22 2015

Back in the day, a rider's leathers were just as much a fashion statement as they were protection. The vibrant color schemes and simple shapes are features that get lost in black and white photos. Throughout the thousands of pictures we have from Ascot and other Agajanian races, sometimes we come across a few that were shot in color and they always seem to pleasantly surprise us. In the latest volume of Flat Trackers we look at some of our favorites, or at least the most recent ones we have uncovered...


  • Diane Bubbles Ferro: July 23, 2015

    This is a great addition to all of the other things you all are doing with the relaunching of the Ascot brand. Great work Ascotmotorsports team!

  • lippy altuna: July 23, 2015

    That David Aldana character was way ahead of his time ….In many, many ways. Not only In his colorful display of leathers, but win or crash riding style. (And ….He passed ALL of the drug tests the AMA threw at him) If you look close at the last post of Aldana flying over the Peoria jump. Aldana is doing a “reverse scrub” before the m/x’ers came up the term “Scrub”. He still rides Vintage dirt track and vintage M/X……….What an ambassador of the sport.
    It’s Mine and possibly many others opinion……..Lippy

  • JP: July 23, 2015

    Awesome! Great photos!

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