Buddy Kolander
December 16 2015

Back in the mid 70’s I watched one hell of a handle bar banging TT’s that I have ever seen in over 50 years. It was in Boise Idaho at the Northwest TT that the Owyhee Morotcycle Club put on in the spring for decades. It had been a very wet spring and the track was breaking up rough and bad. Dave Aldana and Randy Scott, a TT’er from Oregon, ran 25 laps banging elbows, handlebars, and assh****. It was spectacular! Mano y mano! Got to see Aldana in ’08 at Ashland, Ohio wearing the skeleton leathers on a 500 Royal Enfield, he won the class. What a DUDE!

John Asbury
October 15 2015

Watching Dave Adana on “starts” was something, he was Aldana was always lightning fast on the start of a race.., often jumping the gun a little, I saw him get sent back to the 3rd row on two occasions, where he was still 1st into the corner at Ascot…… He was one of the most colorful personalities on the AMA National circuit!

Bruce Heiland
October 14 2015

The flying Mexican from Santa Ana, Ca. My uncle got me into flattrack, and he went to High school w/ Aldana. When I started going to Ascot, I’d always watch for Aldana in turn 1 because I’d never seen anyone hang it out like him and keep it up and on the gas. Thats when i realized the pros got a bigger set than most…

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