Ascot Motocross vol. 1

September 04 2023 – Chris Agajanian

Ascot Motocross vol. 1
Ascot Motocross vol. 1

With Motocross becoming popular in America during the late 1960s, racers Gary and Bob Bailey collaborated with promoter J.C. Agajanian to organize International and weekly Motocross races at Ascot Park in order to bring the races to the fans. Until then Motocross races were held on natural terrain (mostly in Europe) so viewing this emerging sport required standing or sitting alongside the track strewn throughout the countryside.

The most famous and longest lasting of all night Motocross tracks was Ascot Park. Hosting its first night Motocross race in 1968 and credited with starting the "Stadium Motocross" concept, this 10,000 seat racing facility began its Motocross debut years before the first "Super Bowl of Motocross" was held just down the road in the Los Angeles Coliseum. Thus Ascot was the starting point for many riders that went on to race the early days of Supercross.

Top MX stars like, Rich Thorwaldson, John DeSoto, Danny LaPorte, Pierre Karsmakers, Jim “Hollywood” Holly, Mike Bell, Tony DiStefano Jim West, Bryar Holcumb, Lars Larson, John Maynard, Todd Peterson, Tim Hart, Jim Wilson, Donnie Hansen, Marty Tripes, Ricky Johnson and Troy Lee all raced at Ascot.

The Agajanians hosted their last night Motocross event on Nov 2, 1990 when Ascot Park closed for good on Thanksgiving evening.


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