About Us

Located between the posh Hollywood Hills and the roaring Pacific Ocean, thousands of local thrill seekers would gather on a regular basis to witness American Motorsport history. Between 1957 and 1990, Ascot Raceway became a celebrated hot-spot in Gardena, California where spectators could get a close up look into the dangerous, competitive and entertaining sport of dirt track racing. Made famous for its well known radio ads “Where the Harbor, the San Diego and the 91 freeways collide!”, it became a place where fond memories were made by fans and legendary racers alike. The track’s reputation spanned the globe due to the skill required to race there.

With its tight turns, long straightaways and legendary tacky surface, Ascot was as well known for its spectacular crashes as it was for its speed. Many brave men made attempts to tame the famous half mile, while some paid the ultimate price trying. Ascot became one of the most challenging and sought after victories of its day and produced more racing champions and legends than any other track during its time. Sprint Cars, Motorcycle Flat Track, NASCAR, Motocross and Figure 8 races were just some of the events held at Ascot.

Like its past, Ascot Motorsports hopes to keep the feeling of freedom alive through high quality products that directly honor the past by delivering an authentically raw piece of vintage Americana. We strive to continue to support and engage the local community by making most of our items right here in Los Angeles, CA. In fact, all of our t-shirts are manufactured and designed just a few miles from where the track was!  Our goal is to one day be 100% American made, and every item on our website will specify if it is made in the USA, so you can buy with confidence knowing you are supporting the local community.

We are sourcing the highest quality fabrics and materials to make all our products. Our graphics are hand-designed, distressed and screen-printed utilizing classic techniques as well as modern artistry. We believe this attention to detail and craftsmanship will create a lasting impression among fashion enthusiasts and dirt track racers alike.

Our products tell the story of a small Southern California dirt track that became known worldwide through hard work, excitement and innovation.  Our vow is to engage a new generation to the thrill of the race and the mentality that "anyone can do it"; its our history and our legacy. Now is the time to share it.

“You can’t say you’re a motorcycle racer until you’ve ridden Ascot, and you can’t say you're a champion motorcycle rider until you’ve conquered it.”

- Kenny Roberts (legendary professional motorcycle racer, first american to win a Grand Prix world championship.)